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When cousins Keith and Rach are involved in a car accident, Rach is blinded and Keith’s legs are crushed.While Keith […]

L’avete conosciuto come l’esilarante Mercenario Chiacchierone, ora è tempo che incontriate lo spietato assassino. Cosa succederebbe se Deadpool fosse un […]

Power Girl has a murder mystery to solve, but she’s got some particularly talented friends in the detecting business. Enter […]

Tre racconti che spaziano nei generi fantasy, thriller e adolescenziale.In ogni racconto vengono proposti personaggi ordinari che si trovano ad […]

The adventures of a former secret agent/superheroine turned stuntwoman and treasure-hunter who’s always getting in over her head. Which isn’t […]

Screenwriter Eric Red (THE HITCHER, NEAR DARK) offers up a zombie story set in space. On a manned NASA space […]

Collecting Marvel Knights (2000) #1-15. Daredevil! Black Widow! Dagger! Shang-Chi! And…the Punisher?! What terrible evil could unite these vigilantes on […]