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In a world where monsters and spirits are commonplace, diviner Seimei Abeno is leading a peaceful life with his partner, […]

Your ship is on a collision course with a black hole—and to make matters worse, alien monsters, mutants, and mutineers […]

★「祇王一族」與「惡魔」間,悲淒又唯美的永恆之戰。 ★包括龐大的故事設定與美型角色之間的愛恨糾葛。 在真正的戰爭到來之前,夕月、路卡與戒之手們在天白「去溫泉療養」的建議下,前往了祇王家的「祕傳溫泉」。才剛到達,旅館的老闆娘便拜託他們調查神社發生的靈異現象。就在這個時候,夕月從齋悧口中,得知了歷代「神之光」悲壯的下場……

Mutante, monstruo… ¿o máquina? Secuestrado, deshumanizado y desnudado hasta el centro, Wolverine es reducido a un arma de destrucción masiva. […]

A gripping supernatural thriller of biblical proportions…quite literally. PUBLICATION IN 3 VOLUMES – COMPLETED SERIES When detective Jason Ash arrives […]