Black Panther and Sweet 16 Volume 7

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Taiga is a strong-willed sixteen-year-old who keeps the super-dangerous beast-boy Anri as a pet. When Anri’s childhood friend and the next CEO of a major cosmetics company, Kurogane, proposes to Taiga in the middle of a date, the two are bound. But then Anri appears out of nowhere and runs off with Taiga?! The state Anri is in perplexes Taiga. The two are then carried to Anri’s family home, and there Taiga sees the shocking truth! Now that she knows his secret, what is Taiga’s answer…? This love triangle reaches a heartrending, madcap pace!

Black Panther And Sweet 16 Volume 7

Author : Pedoro Toriumi
Genre : Girls
Total Read : 64
Total Download : 366
File Size : 47,8 Mb

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