Captain Kuro From Mars Against The Polluters

Captain Kuro From Mars, John, his family and the Men in Black, and his animal freinds live now in the Himalayas. Together they are working to save Earth. This is Book 9 in the Captain Kuro From Mars picture book series.

Captain Kuro crashed on Earth, in Australia, in the first book. There she met John and his family. After being chased by a crazy psychiatrist who thinks Kuro is his imagination driving him crazy, they run away to the Himalayas in Kuro’s spaceship. Kuro is, as any cat will explain, from mars. All cats are from Mars originally, many thousand of years ago. The Men In Black found Kuro, and they too are on a mission from out there to save Earth. They want to help. Now they have teamed up with Kuro and John to work out how how to save the world.

In this book Kuro wants to tackle our planet’s pollution problems. But during research by the Men In Black they make surprising discoveries, and of course, they end up facing off against the evil psychiatrist again, Doctor Kutzbrain. He represents those who want to destroy the world. He has teamed up with the world’s greatest polluters. Read the book to find out who will win.

This is a great little book for those so inclined and who think the world could use some improving, and their children might benefit with a little tangential thought early in life. We hope you enjoy this. It is fun with a nice message.

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