Captain Kuro From Mars And The Men In Black

This is a landscape layout children’s picture book. It is the fourth in the Captain Kuro From Mars Series, and in two languages, English and Nepali. In this book, two strange men dressed in black appear at John’s home. Kuro is worried and tells John and his father that these are not men from Earth. They are from out there! She needs to hide. They explain that are looking for a small black cat they believe is responsible for a spate of healing children from all around the world. They believe it originates near John’s house. They tell the family about a space ship that was seen falling to earth nearby. John’s father tries to calm the men in black down, making excuses. They agree to leave, though not really agreeing with John’s father. After the men leave, John and Kuro run to Kuro’s spaceship. John’s father is close behind. Then John’s mother follows them, determined to find out just what it is they are all hiding, and soon, she sees it too. She can also now see Captain Kuro, but dressed in her spacesuit, just like John said all along. She can see all that John had told her was true. It was not John’s imagination. It was all true. She too now knows the truth about Captain Kuro. Soon all of them are making plans on what to do next.

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