A Midterm Night’s Scheme (Enhanced Edition)

Audisee® eBooks with Audio combine professional narration and sentence highlighting to engage reluctant readers! Help! Just before the science fair, a set of magic potions disappear from Luna’s locker! The Chicagoland Detective Agency takes up the young witch’s case. If Raf, Megan, and Raf’s talking dog Bradley can handle space aliens, mummies, and ghosts, this […]


In a time where violent heretic hunting occurred, a secret society called the Rose Cross, who practiced Alchemy, were under oppression for being blasphemous. The Alchemist Leon rewrote his own memory and was living his life as a completely different person. The Philosopher’s Stone, homunculus, and the secrets of his past are about to be […]

The Fifth Musketeer

Seventeenth-century France is crawling with bandits, werewolves, and angry swordsmen. You’ve got the heart, but do you have the courage and brains to survive these dangers and become a musketeer? Every Twisted Journeys® graphic novel lets YOU control the action by choosing which path to follow. Which twists and turns will your journey take?


巨匠・横山まさみちが描いた少女漫画の堂々の完結! 浩美と奇異な出会いで知りあった大学生の真一。彼は浩美が経営難で倒産した大洋美術社の社長から紹介された、次の職場となる三丸製紙の御曹司。 しかし、彼には秘密があった…。 それは悪性の脳腫瘍があり、手術も困難なため余命は一年だった。 自暴自棄になっていた真一は、浩美とその親友たちと関わりを持つたびに そのまっすぐな心にうたれ、「なにかひとつでも世の中のためになりたい」「残った一年を精いっぱい生きぬこう」と東京の大学へ戻っていった———。 横山まさみちの長編感動の青春ストーリーの最終巻。