Inferno Vol.1 #5

Murdered by an unknown assailant, John Travis finds himself in Inferno, a Hell not of fiery demons and satanic majesty, but an endless city seething with corruption, intrigue and despair. Yet death is the least of Travis’ problems; he is accused of being Jacomo Terence, dead 800 years and the first man to escape Hell […]

Ninja Girls Volume 3

FIGHT TO LIVE! ? Raizo and his beautiful ninja entourage stumble into the fateful contest to rule the Yagyo family. The winner leads the clan and marries the princess-but the princess has her own ideas, as does someone working evil magic from outside the competition! Can Raizo even survive amid the combat-happy Yagyos?

Salt #5

“Batter UP!” At the Burning Spring, Jacob begins the salt making process. The militant group teal the two remaining pieces of sacred coal for their new leaders. As the massive fracking operation nears go-stage Dr. Sherman hatches a diabolical scheme to fuse a Sheve with the disgruntled militia leader which could result in a creature […]