GOD SAYS! Episode 6-5

The Academy becomes co-ed starting today?! Everyone else seems to be happy about it except for Suzume, who has a phobia of men. On top of that, the new foreign teacher Yuri and the foreign transfer students including ‘Bowie’ have moved in next door. At that house, what does Suzume witeness…?!

The Last Zombie:Before the After #2

NOW WITH MORE STORY PER ISSUE! When a freak snowstorm forces the team to seek shelter inside an abandoned hotel, they learn each other’s deepest, darkest secrets. And as the vaccine keeping him alive begins to show signs of weakening, Ian confides in Ananti, reminiscing about his last contact with Jen and wondering what has […]

X-Men: Blue 1 – Reise ins Blaue

Die originalen X-Men sind wieder vereint. Doch dieses Mal gibt die hinreißende Jean Grey den Ton an. Allerdings nicht ganz allein. Denn wie kommt das Team damit klar, dass sein neuer Mentor zugleich Freund und Erzfeind des alten Mentors gewesen ist? Ihr habt richtig gehört. Magneto mischt bei den fünf Jugendlichen mit. Da scheint schon vorprogrammiert.