Deadworld: The Last Siesta

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An original graphic novel set in the supernatural holocaust of Deadworld! Outside the dusty and remote town of Juarez, Mexico, new laws have replaced what was once called civilization. The old laws don’t apply to the dead – the walking dead – so there had to be new ones. One of the enforcers of these new laws is the mysterious wanderer, Raga, who is known in the whispers swirling around the land as simply, “The Assassin.” There was nothing living…or dead that he hadn’t killed. But now he has a new challenge. However, his plans are disrupted by an unexpected force – King Zombie and his hoards of zombies! You may be able to kill what’s already dead, but how many times?

Deadworld The Last Siesta

Author : Gary Reed, Gary Francis & Mark Bloodworth
Genre : Graphic Novels
Total Read : 74
Total Download : 634
File Size : 42,7 Mb

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