Giant Girl Adventures Issue 6

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The adventures of a former secret agent/superheroine turned stuntwoman and treasure-hunter who’s always getting in over her head. Which isn’t a problem when you’re a size-shifting siren! Tongue in cheek with an eye for cheesecake & wisecracks galore!

With their Parisian debacle behind them, Ronni and Stanley sneak out of Paris, making their way to New York City. Following the trail of clues takes them to the New York Public Library, and their second confrontation with Steampunk Rock, and introduces his army of Steamtroopers!

Features bonus material never before published and unavailable anywhere else!

Giant Girl Adventures Issue 6

Author : Sabrina Pandora, Koen Luyten, Wendie Goers, Koen Luyten & Wendie Goers & Wende Goers
Genre : Graphic Novels
Total Read : 74
Total Download : 234
File Size : 49,7 Mb

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