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Delizioso racconto per bambini ambientato in Mongolia, scritto da Federico Pistone e illustrato da Cristiano Lissoni. Protagonista è un piccolo […]

Runako is studying hard to someday succeed as owner of her family’s maid dispatching service company. One day, a request […]

The Final Plague has begun, and with it mankind’s final hours. Can a rural Iowan family survive the initial onslaught […]

Yakko is a normal girl, the daughter of an okonomiyaki restaurant owner, she helps out at the restaurant while going […]

ある日の放課後、涼哉は見た事のないボタンを渡される。そしてその夜、「鬼」と称する者からメールが届き、恐怖の「鬼ごっこ」が始まった。参加しなければ大切な人が殺される!? ボタンは一体何なのか!?心身ともに追い詰められる戦慄のホラー!