Iron Man vol. 1: Cree

Tony Stark es un visionario tecnológico… Un multimillonario famoso y un inventor sin precedentes, quien viste el traje más avanzado y poderoso del mundo. Valientemente protege a los inocentes como el invencible caballero en la brillante armadura. ¡Su nombre es Iron Man! Su característico traje rojo ha dado lugar a una versión negra, más evolucionada. […]

MYSTERION Episode 1-4

In a time where violent heretic hunting occurred, a secret society called the Rose Cross, who practiced Alchemy, were under oppression for being blasphemous. The Alchemist Leon rewrote his own memory and was living his life as a completely different person. The Philosopher’s Stone, homunculus, and the secrets of his past are about to be […]

Helsing #2

As Samantha Helsing collects her “trophies” from those she slays, she attempts to locate the mysterious underground society of the Tophet to exact not only revenge but also to bring to an end, the night creatures. But with her own blood laced with the tainted immortal line, is she bringing doom to herself as well? […]