Real Girl Volume 6

Tsutsun firmly rejects Ayado-san after she professes his love. He makes his feelings for Iroha clear, and his masculinity levels go up! Iroha and Tsutsun’s relationship gets deeper, but on the way home from thoroughly enjoying their first date, he gets punched by a random guy! It turns out to be Iroha’s younger brother, and […]

Real Girl Volume 7

While Tsutsun has been living it up with Iroha, his best friend Ito suffers heartbreak. And at the hands of Ayado-san, who Tsutsun rejected! All Tsutsun can do is console his best friend. Then one day, Tsutsun is appointed to be on the Cultural Festival exec committee. Tsutsun is tasked with running the class event, […]

Pantera Nera 1 (Marvel Collection)

Rabbia e scontento stanno portando la nazione del Wakanda, la più tecnologicamente avanzata al mondo, sulla soglia di una feroce guerra civile. Pantera Nera, sovrano e supereroe, è costretto a rivolgere le proprie attenzioni ai suoi sudditi, prima che nemici dall’interno e dall’esterno mettano a ferro e fuoco il cuore dell’Africa. T’Challa dovrà scegliere: essere […]

Real Girl Volume 11

The trip ends without being the life-changing moment that Tsutsun had anticipated, but the bond between him and Iroha grows deeper. But the six month limit that Iroha had set for their relationship is fast approaching… Tsutsun puts his all into making the last memories of their relationship, but it seems the truth about Iroha’s […]