The Powerpuff Girls #6

Cower in fear citizens of Townsville, for I, MOJO JOJO have RETURNED! Not even your Previews solicitation is safe from my influence, for I am all-powerful and supremely cunning. You have been chosen to bare witness to the ultimate destruction of Townsville – for such is my plan to demolish this wretched city once and […]

Deadworld #8

“Another Fine Mess” The group is discovered by a helicopter and there are ecstatic that they can now rejoin a civilized force. While on the copter, Dan overhears what the real situation is. But it is too late and the group now realize the fate in store for them. Punk and Eddie are two of […]

The A-Z Of Marvel Monsters

Collects material from Tales to Astonish (1959) #15, 16, 22; Tales of Suspense #13, 18, 23; Journey into Mystery (1952) #57, 62 & Kirby Monster variant covers. Learn your ABCs the Jack Kirby way with his most monstrous creations! From the legendary behemoths that stalked a world before super heroes, to the titans that terrorized […]

Deadworld #5

“Welcome to My Nightmare” A dimensional gateway opens in the sky and from there, come five hideous creatures. Four arms and built for power and speed, these are the Grakken…and they are pure killing machines and under the control of King Zombie. The group, camping in the wilderness, is surprised as Deake crashes their camp. […]

Comic Wars

The story of how Marvel Comics went bankrupt, then came back from the dead — bigger than ever as a movie giant. The true, inside tale, with larger-than-life characters fighting for control of Spider-Man, The Avengers, and the other superheroes of Marvel.