Peach Heaven Volume 6

A tabloid writer has figured out Momoko’s secret identity. Momoko was walking on air after she and Ranmaru finally admitted their feelings to each other, but now, she has to contend with simultaneous threats to her career and her virginity! Can she make it through this with both intact while that tabloid writer is hot […]

Crimson Blood (3)

Kazai, a rookie protector of the Umi Tribe seeks to discover the secrets that his own mother has been hiding from him. In the midst of Kazai’s inner turmoil, the Umi Tribe is anticipating an attack by the Crimson Bloods (hybrids with the blood of a dragon), who were once thought to be extinct. 

Peach Heaven Volume 2

One day it’s the erotic possibilities of chocolate; the next it’s fooling around in a hot spring. Momoko just can’t stop daydreaming about sex! It’s part of her job, after all. Here’s volume two of this bold romantic comedy full of obscene mischief. Now that she’s become his slave to keep him from spilling the […]

Spider-Man: Love Bug

Read along with Marvel! Peter Parker is out with his Valentine’s date, Mary Jane. Peter tries his best to keep his secret Super Hero identity from Mary Jane by making excuses when he has to leave suddenly to take care of Super Villains as the Amazing Spider-Man. In the end, Spider-Man saves the day, but […]