Deadworld #7

“Bad Moon Rising” The group, now with Dan in charge, decide to leave the farmhouse. King Zombie soon discovers that Deake has trouble completing the spell as he doesn’t have the necessary books. Dan informs the group that he now seems to have some kind of sensory perception towards zombies and knows when they are […]

Stan Lee

This first true biography of Stan Lee is an eye-opening look at a pop culture visionary. This book traces Lee’s life—from his Depression-era childhood to his years as a teen editor and ultimately to his triumphs as the genius behind some of the most beloved characters in pop culture history, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, […]

Deadworld #11

“All Cats in the Dark are Black” King Zombie and the Grakken demon creatures attack Moloch’s helicopter and manage to damage the blades, forcing the copter to the ground. The zombies move in for the kill as the survivors attempt to escape but their numbers are dwindling. “This is one heck of a disturbing book […]

Deadworld #17

“Hole in the Sky” A considerable amount of time has now passed. We find that Dan and Joey have found a sizable defended community and decided to stay. Both of them establish themselves within the community as Dan takes on the role of a car mechanic and Joey becomes a student. This large group is […]