Tokyo Boys & Girls, Vol. 4

Summer is finally here and a hotheaded Kazukita tries to force himself on a confused and frightened Mimori! She barely escapes that harrowing situation only to go home and find another. She has to deal with her parents’ impending separation! Finding herself unable to cope with her mother’s problems, she escapes with Nana and Ran […]

Tokyo Boys & Girls, Vol. 3

Mimori has finally become Atsushi’s girlfriend! At an amusement park Mimori waits several hours in the rain for Atsushi, not knowing that he’s been called away and can’t return. She eventually collapses and wakes up in a hospital bed with Kazukita at her side!When they go to class, Kazukita announces to the whole class that […]

Tokyo Boys & Girls, Vol. 1

The school year starts off well when Mimori befriends the beautiful Nana, but things quickly turn sour for her when she is chosen to be the class representative. Through a series of unfortunate events, she finds herself the focus of attention by three boys and her teachers for all the wrong reasons! Mimori is reunited […]