Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Four-Panel Comic: Days of Goddess

While adventurers crawl the Dungeon, the gods and goddesses of Orario are always working hard behind the scenes for their beloved children! The deities who remain on the surface might not brave the labyrinth’s depths, but they’re just as busy–all of them occupied with duties like managing their familia’s business, striking deals, gathering information, or […]

The Hunt For Captain Kuro From Mars By The Men In Black Comic Strip Booklet

This is the seventh comic strip booklet in the series. In this comic strip booklet, the Men In Black are still looking for Captain Kuro, and her family. But they have all has fled Australia in Kuro’s spaceship. The Men In Black need to find her, so they engage the crazy Australian psychiatrist, Dr. Kutzbrain, […]

Little Comic Shop of Horrors (Give Yourself Goosebumps #17)

“Reader beware–you choose the scare! GIVE YOURSELF GOOSEBUMPS! You’re walking through a creepy part of town when you find a new comic shop–Milos Comics Dungeon. Dungeon is right. The place is dusty, dingy, and really dark. You can see the comics are awesome. But there’s something you can’t see. Trouble. It’s waiting–for you. If you […]

Free Comic Book Day

A third-world nation torn apart by civil war becomes the hunting ground for a killer species from the stars that has taken men as trophies for centuries. But this visitation is no simple trophy hunt, and the stakes may be the survival of humanity. Predator: Free Comic Book Day is the action-packed prequel to Predator: […]

A Game of Thrones: Comic Book, Issue 1

A New York Times bestselling epic. A blockbuster TV series. And now, George R. R. Martin’s breathtaking fantasy masterpiece makes its powerful graphic novel debut—with all the majesty, intrigue, full-blooded adventure, and sweeping, mythic vision that have made it a landmark work of imaginative literature.   Beyond the legendary Wall, the vast battlement that stands […]