Prophecy, Part 2

As Paperboy starts to issue video warnings of crims they plan to commit against ever-larger targets of internet outrage, Lt. Yoshino and the Anti-Cyber Crimes Division attempt to get one step ahead of the newspaper-masked terrorist group. But even as these vigilantes contend with the authorities, the greatest threat to their master plans may come […]

Prophecy, Part 3

In this concluding volume, the members of Paperboy gather to prepare to carry out their next act of vengeance against a hypocritical politician. But the guilty conscience of one of the co-conspirators leads him to tip off the police, and the Anti Cyber Crimes Division is closing in on the terrorist group.

Great Responsibility: The Origin of the Amazing Spider-Man Part II

Peter Parker was just average teenager, until a bite from a radioactive spider changed his fate and turned him into the famous, web-slinging hero known as the Amazing Spider-Man! But with great power comes great responsibility . . . Find out how the Amazing Spider-Man became a superhero in this exhilarating eBook short–filled with awesome […]