SizeFetishZone - Rising Sunshine

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SizeFetishZone - Rising Sunshine

SizeFetishZone - Rising Sunshine

Duration: 0:48:02
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format: mp4
Size: 2.12 GB

A government scientist has stolen a top secret growth formula from work. She is wickedly sensual and hungry for power. We hear sirens approach outside and she drinks the formula greedily. As she grows and rips from her clothes, I would like it to feel good to her.

The rush of power as she laughs and sorta moans evilly. While not quite an orgasm but perhaps the feel of good foreplay mixed with a long overdue stretch. The formula is way more powerful then she ever could have imagined and that is a good thing. Cut to her striding into your miniature city set (with a few of the smaller “crushable houses” around). Wearing the “50 Ft Woman outfit”.

She rampages and crushed things. Especially using her feet. I love the shots at foot level. Maybe a few of the sexy grinding against the skyscrap3r moments. And some foot stomps onto the camera. After a good rampage, her eyes widen in surprise. The formula is not quite done. She laughs apocalyptically and starts to grow again.

Her “50 ft woman” costume rips off, leaving her in the pasties and thong. She is now rampaging the super small city Mainly foot crush, toe crush and boob crush. Perhaps at then end, she announces that “she can feel yet another growth spurt coming up.

And this one is gonna be a huge one. then she is even bigger and the cities are the only a few CM in height compared to her and she destroys them also. Then she feels like she growing again and the video ends.

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