Dating a Vampire

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Why would a sharp, optimistic and sensual girl waste her time on a vampire boyfriend? Especially when this vampire has nothing whatsoever in common with his literary kin, such as the breathtakingly gorgeous Ted from “Sparklevamps” or the drop-dead-sexy “Dreamy vampire heartbreakers”?
First of all, Nina’s vampire boyfriend is called Vladimiro – a name that inspires ridicule, but not much else… and least of all romantic thoughts. He is quite pale, gaunt and the bags under his eyes are scarier than he is. Even his character has few redeeming qualities: he is ultra-conservative, pompous, conceited, and cowardly! He is completely maladjusted to the modern society and wants nothing to do with it in any case.

Quite apart from all this, a romance with this vampire is destined to be a nightmare, as he has very few useful powers and a great deal of weaknesses. The sunlight, for example, could disintegrate him in only a few seconds! Even worse, his complete lack of life makes it utterly impossible for him to live up to the expectations of his emotional girlfriend.

There must be something self-destructive about Nina. But then again, all human beings are known to want what they just can’t have. The girls in the “Monstrous relationships” support group are definitely among them. In their meetings Rita, Azure, Jessica – and now also Nina – vent their frustration of being in a relationship with the Frankenstein monster, a werewolf, a swamp demon and Vladimiro, the worst of them all.

Every boyfriend – be it a vampire, werewolf or any supernatural being – is something of a monster, after all, and every girlfriend’s dearest wish is to be able to change them.

“Dating a Vampire!” won the Comic Vampires competition and has become a popular series.

Dating A Vampire

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