Seductions #1

He is an immortal vampire, but caught in a maddening cycle, waking 10 years after each feeding. But as the world changes around him only two things remain, his desire for blood to keep him alive and a yearning for his long lost love! Far from a typical romance, our vampire must decide: heart’s desire or dinner? From the mind of Gary Scott Beatty (Mis-Adventures of Adam West, Vincent Price Night Terrors) with pencil art by Bill Bryan (OZ, Dark Oz). “Shot from artist Bill Bryan’s compelling pencils and enhanced by Beatty’s colors, Seductions draws the reader into the vampire’s hunt for ‘life’ and love. One feels his pain even as one loathes his manipulative manner. Complete unto itself, this comic book is another satisfying done-in-one presentation. Seductions earns four Tonys.” – Tony Isabella, Comic Buyers Guide #1644. “Totally unpredictable story. Great work! 5 out of 5 stars.” – Quazipseudo, Syndicated Zine Reviews.

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